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Nocturnal Opulence

Step into the enchanting realm of Nocturnal Opulence, where mystery meets elegance in a dance of shadows and shimmering gold. These exquisite earrings are a celebration of the night, they evoke the allure of moonlit soirées.
Draped in the cloak of midnight, the Nocturnal Opulence earrings boast a rich dark hue that captures the essence of the nocturnal sky. The interplay of black and gold creates a harmonious symphony of contrasts, a visual ode to the duality of night and opulence.
€ 19.50

Midnight Grace

Introducing Midnight Grace, a mesmerizing symphony of elegance and mystique captured in the form of exquisite earrings. These arched wonders are a dance between darkness and radiance, where the deep allure of midnight black meets the timeless gleaming gold.
The rich black hue envelops the curves, reminiscent of the velvety night sky, while hints of gold delicately add a touch of celestial splendor. These earrings are not just accessories. They are a statement of bold individuality and a celebration of the harmonious blend of contrasts.
€ 19.50

Ebony Dangles

Introducing the Ebony Dangles, a harmonious symphony of sophistication and bold elegance. Their mysterious allure captures the essence of a starlit night, where shadows and radiance intertwine in a celestial ballet.
Beneath the celestial gold arch, suspended like drops of midnight, are the ebony black dangles that dance with every subtle movement. The smooth, polished gold reflects light like a celestial body, while the black dangles exude an enigmatic energy that draws the eye with an irresistible mystique.
€ 19.50

Alabaster Arches

Introducing the Alabaster Arches, a mesmerizing symphony of elegance and grace delicately captured in a pair of earrings that transcend the ordinary.
These enchanting adornments draw inspiration from the ethereal beauty of alabaster, seamlessly blending the timeless with the contemporary. The Alabaster Arches feature a gracefully curved design reminiscent of ancient archways, each curve telling a story of timeless allure.
€ 19.50

Russet Cascade

Embrace the enchanting beauty of fall with our exquisite minimalistic leaf earrings, a graceful ode to nature's captivating transformation. The leaves, with their gently curved edges, showcase a palette of warm, earthy tones - from rustic reds to burnished oranges.
Lightweight and comfortable, these earrings effortlessly complement any outfit, adding a touch of natural allure to your style. Whether you're strolling through a sunlit park, sipping pumpkin spice lattes at your favorite café, or simply relishing the crisp autumn breeze, let these earrings be your timeless companions, whispering the magic of fall into every moment.
€ 19.50


Introducing our 'Acropolis' earrings, a breathtaking testament to the magnificence of ancient Greek architecture and the revered Parthenon that stands as its pinnacle. Echoing the grandeur of this iconic monument, these earrings encapsulate the timeless elegance, structural harmony, and cultural resonance of the Parthenon.
Crafted with the utmost precision, each earring features the Parthenon's majestic columns. The tiny specles capture the graceful Doric columns that have weathered the test of time, embodying the enduring spirit of human achievement and artistic mastery.
€ 19.50

Triumphant Arcana

Introducing our 'Triumphant Arcana' earrings, an exquisite embodiment of the splendor and triumph captured within the iconic Roman Triumphal arches.
Each earring boasts an arch shape, reminiscent of the Roman arches that celebrated triumph and honor. Crafted from stainless steel, the glistening gold ovals reflect the sunlit brilliance of the heart of ancient Rome. These gold elements, much like the treasures and spoils that were paraded through the arches, holds a captivating allure that draws the eye and captures the imagination.
Let these earrings inspire you to celebrate your own victories, to honor your journey.
€ 19.50

Themis' Balance

Introducing our exquisite 'Themis' Balance' earrings, a harmonious fusion of divine elegance and symbolic depth. Inspired by the timeless grace of the Greek goddess of justice, Themis, these earrings encapsulate the essence of fairness and equilibrium.
A small polymer clay drop, a celestial tear, adorns one side of the scale, embodying the emotional weight carried in the pursuit of justice. The opposing scale is crowned with a another polymer clay drop, capturing the radiant essence of truth and virtue.
As these earrings sway with your every movement, they whisper a tale of divine guidance and the unwavering search for truth. 'Themis' Balance' earrings serve as a reminder that justice, like the delicate equilibrium of these precious scales, requires our continuous effort to maintain and uphold.
€ 19.50

Earth & Sun

Light and comfy necklace made by hand with glass beads and stainless steel pendant. This necklace has adjustable clasp with small chain.
€ 5.00

Gold Om

Light and comfy necklace made by hand with glass beads and stainless steel pendant. This necklace has adjustable clasp with small chain.
€ 5.00

Night Sky

Light and comfy necklace made by hand with glass beads and stainless steel pendant. This necklace has adjustable clasp with small chain.
€ 5.00

Day & Night Dark

Light and comfy necklace made by hand with glass beads and stainless steel pendant. This necklace has adjustable clasp with small chain.
€ 5.50
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