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Cycladic Stairs

Introducing our enchanting 'Cycladic Stairs' earrings, a tribute to the timeless allure of the iconic white stairs that wind through the Cycladic islands like whispered secrets. These earrings capture the essence of these charming stairways, combining the purity of the white-washed steps with a touch of Aegean mystique.
Crafted with stainless steel elements and polymer clay, each earring features a delicate cascade of miniature steps, like a stairway to elegance. The glistening gold ovals reflect the sunlit brilliance of the Cycladic islands, where every corner seems kissed by the gods.
As you wear the 'Cycladic Stairs' earrings, you carry a piece of the islands' charm and tranquility. With every sway, the steps come alive, whispering tales of seaside strolls, breathtaking vistas, and the enchanting simplicity that defines Cycladic beauty.
39,00 лв

Delphi Echo

Introducing our 'Delphi Echo' earrings, a captivating homage to the historic Stadium of Delphi – where cheers once reverberated against the backdrop of ancient grandeur. These earrings embody the spirit of competition, camaraderie, and the enduring legacy of athletic excellence.
Each earring represent a miniature oval resembling the stadium's elliptical shape, meticulously crafted from polymer clay. The gleaming surface of the stainless steel oval reflects the sun's radiance, reminiscent of the way the arena's stones once shone under the Greek sun, as athletes from afar gathered to showcase their prowess.
May the 'Delphi Echo' earrings inspire you to pursue your goals with the same fervor, to celebrate your victories both big and small, and to remember that the spirit of triumph spans across centuries, resonating in the hearts of all who dare to chase their dreams.
39,00 лв

Pantheon Reverie

Introducing our 'Pantheon Reverie' earrings, a masterful fusion of elegance and architectural brilliance inspired by the resplendent Roman Pantheon.
Each earring features a shiny stainless steel dome, echoing the majestic curvature of the Pantheon's awe-inspiring rotunda. The smooth surface captures the play of light and shadow that dances upon the Pantheon's walls, evoking a sense of timelessness and artistry. Dangling beneath the dome, delicate columns of polymer clay pay homage to the grand colonnade that graces the Pantheon's facade.
Wearing the 'Pantheon Reverie' earrings, you don not just an exquisite accessory, but a piece of architectural. Let them be a reminder that even in the passage of time, the grandeur of human creativity endures, echoing through generations.
39,00 лв

Triumphant Arcana

Introducing our 'Triumphant Arcana' earrings, an exquisite embodiment of the splendor and triumph captured within the iconic Roman Triumphal arches.
Each earring boasts an arch shape, reminiscent of the Roman arches that celebrated triumph and honor. Crafted from stainless steel, the glistening gold ovals reflect the sunlit brilliance of the heart of ancient Rome. These gold elements, much like the treasures and spoils that were paraded through the arches, holds a captivating allure that draws the eye and captures the imagination.
Let these earrings inspire you to celebrate your own victories, to honor your journey.
39,00 лв

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Introducing our captivating 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' earrings, a tribute to the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon – a marvel that once transformed arid landscapes into lush heavens. These earrings embody the essence of this ancient wonder, fusing verdant beauty with architectural innovation.
This verdure captures the spirit of the Hanging Gardens, where lush flora defied gravity to touch the sun. The gold stainless steel details dance with the light, mimicking the way the Babylonian sun once kissed each leaf and petal, evoking a sense of eternal summer.
Elevate your aspirations to new heights, much like the Hanging Gardens that continue to captivate hearts across time.
39,00 лв

Golden Cupolas

Introducing our 'Golden Cupolas' earrings, a striking homage to the resplendent beauty of golden church cupolas and the timeless grace of supporting columns. These earrings encapsulate the majestic allure of sacred architecture, merging the opulence of gilded domes with the understated elegance of intricately adorned columns.
Each earring boasts a miniature golden cupola made of stainless steel, meant to capture the radiant splendor of sunlit church spires. Dangling gracefully beneath, the rustic columns reach towards the heavens.
Wearing these earrings, you carry a touch of sacred grandeur, a symbol of both personal spirituality and an appreciation for the architectural marvels.
39,00 лв

Themis' Balance

Introducing our exquisite 'Themis' Balance' earrings, a harmonious fusion of divine elegance and symbolic depth. Inspired by the timeless grace of the Greek goddess of justice, Themis, these earrings encapsulate the essence of fairness and equilibrium.
A small polymer clay drop, a celestial tear, adorns one side of the scale, embodying the emotional weight carried in the pursuit of justice. The opposing scale is crowned with a another polymer clay drop, capturing the radiant essence of truth and virtue.
As these earrings sway with your every movement, they whisper a tale of divine guidance and the unwavering search for truth. 'Themis' Balance' earrings serve as a reminder that justice, like the delicate equilibrium of these precious scales, requires our continuous effort to maintain and uphold.
39,00 лв

Santorini Azure

Behold the 'Santorini Azure' earrings, a mesmerizing homage to the iconic Greek churches gracing the sun-kissed island of Santorini. Transporting the essence of this Aegean paradise, these earrings encapsulate the dazzling white architecture and the striking blue-domed chapels that adorn its cliffs.
Cascading like a cascade of whispers, the earrings feature delicate, handcrafted domes plated in a rich azure hue. Each dome cradles a miniature world of elegance, where the tranquil blue of the Aegean Sea meets the pristine white of the island's structures. Nestled within the curvature of each dome, a gleaming gold stainless steel details emerge, mirroring the ethereal purity of Santorini's landscape.
They carry a whisper of distant melodies, the laughter of island life, and the timeless echoes of age-old stories whispered by the wind.
39,00 лв